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What is the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce?

Everyone has heard of us. Some even know a member or a business owner that belongs to the elusive club. But do you actually know what we are?

The Chamber of Commerce is a group that represents the local economy. We encourage people to shop locally. The members of the board are usually businesses but also include people from the area that have a valid interest in the community and sustaining it’s geographical commerce. The Chamber supports local attractions such as The Happy Rock, keeps our streets beautiful as with the trees that line our sidewalks and fund and organize activities and events to keep the entire community spirit alive.

The new Board of Executives are an eager group that are looking forward to keeping local traditions going and investing new ideas into our community. We look forward to working with other groups in the area and listening to the public with regards to what you feel is needed to keep Westlake-Gladstone and Area alive and thriving.

We welcome diversity and change, ideas and opinions. 

Please let us know what you think.

Our President-Brittany Pollard

I am Brittany Pollard newly elected president of our Chamber. I have spent most my life in Gladstone and loved almost every minute of it! My memories of our town are filled with pet parades, festivals, Christmas parades with Mickey and the whole crew, lining up to see Santa and get yet another Christmas orange, musical plays involving the whole town (my dad with a moustache and a top hat is my favourite look for him to date), moonlight madness shopping all night, carnival rides and cotton candy and the list goes on and on. As a child I took all those things for granted, not realizing the endless hours that volunteers put in to make my childhood so magical. Now having a daughter of my own I want all those memories for her, but like it said it doesn’t just happen. So when I heard the Chamber was going to dissolve I knew that I needed to at least try! Little did I know that walking into that meeting on that cold night would put me where I am!

Like I said I have spent most my life here and now me and my husband both have business’s in town. My husband owns and operates Mac’s Auto Supply and I help to run Diane’s Hair Company and carry my own retail line within there. We live in my family home just outside of Gladstone. Our whole life revolves around this beautiful town and we couldn’t be more proud to be apart of it!

Our Team

Committed to promoting Gladstone and area business. 

Stephanie Douglas


As most of you know, my name is Stephanie Douglas. I have recently took on the position as secretary for the Chamber.
I own my own business in Gladstone as a Nail Technician. I have spent almost all my life in the West-Lake Gladstone area only leaving for a couple years to explore in the big city of Brandon to learn and perfect my passion for nails. As much as we loved our time their our hearts we back home! We were missing our small town, country living. So now my husband and I spend our life on an acreage near Gladstone with our menagerie of pets.
Our little town is important to the both of us, and I look forward to helping it reach its fullest potential.

Melanie Wilson


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Melanie Wilson and I have accepted the position of Vice President of the Gladstone Chamber of Commerce.

I was born and raised in Maple Creek, SK, a south western town of about 3000 people, most of which are family and close friends. As a teenager, my family relocated to Neepawa where I graduated high school and made lifelong friends. Eventually I would attend Criti Care Paramedic Academy in Winnipeg and complete my education as a Paramedic. Then in 2008, I would reconnect with Jason Wilson and we would marry and have 3 beautiful boys. We decided to spend our lives, raising our boys, in the town that Jason grew up in.

I had the pleasure of experiencing many events throughout my teenage years (as Jason and I had dated through high school), as an adult and with our children as parents. Parades, the tree lighting, Santa hosted events, fall suppers and street dances were just a few of the great times that the Chamber has hosted over the years. Gladstone is a wonderful community with great people and I look forward to many more years in this proud little town.

As Vice President, I hope to represent justly the members of the community, the local businesses and the spirit that keeps Gladstone a family orientated, beautiful town.

Tracie Jackson

Hey there, I am Tracey Jackson and I have recently took on the position as the treasurer after Karey Thiessen has stepped down after volunteering her time for the Chamber for many many years.
I work in Gladstone as an administrative assistant since 2012.
Unlike my fellow executives I was not born and bred in Gladstone or Canada for that matter.
My family and I moved to Gladstone in 2011 from the UK and enjoy our family home living in the country on our acreage near Gladstone with our endless list of animals.
I believe that the famous “Happy Rock” town of Gladstone needs the support from the town residents to keep the Chamber and many other organizations alive, this is the reason I stepped up and volunteered my time as the new treasurer, not only for us but for our children the next generation.